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Fully Automatic Box Corner Pasting Machine

Product Details




Machine Name

Fully Automatic Box Corner Pasting Machine

The machine is specially designed for the box corner pasting.It is mainly applied to mobile phone boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, clothing boxes, shoes boxes, cosmetics boxes, etc. The full servo system and human-machine interface determine the precision, height, mold fitting and operation of the humanized design.Easy to operate, high yield, fast efficiency characteristics.Can greatly save the labor cost and improve the production efficiency and offer stabl quality for the box manufacturers.

Advantage in

1. The machine adopts human-machine interface system, which is easy to learn, understand and operate.

2. Full Servo drive control system, PLC programming, to ensure the accuracy and performance of the product;

3. The production efficiency of the machine is 3-5 times higher than that of traditional manual corner sticking;

4. The paper feeding method adopts the Feida type paper feeding system to effectively improve the production output;

5. The material receiving method adopts conveyor belt, which can effectively save labor, and only one person can complete all the operations;

6. Adopt imported bearings and electronic components to improve the quality and service life of the machine;

7. Adopt three-section split type (paper feeding system, main machine and material receiving system) to install and move easily;

8. Scotch tape and kraft paper tape are universal, providing you with a variety of choices for your products.




Box Size (Max)


Box Size(Min)


Working Voltage


Air Pressure

0.6-0.8 Mpa

Control System

PLC touch screen

Working Speed


Machine Size


Machine  Weight


Power Supply

2.0 KW

Market guide price(Rmb)


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