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As the transformation progresses, post-press processing tends to be automated and intelligent

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In the past few decades, many companies have improved their production levels by introducing and upgrading traditional or digital printing equipment. The need has arisen. The major pre-press and India-China equipment manufacturers have also carried out numerous large waves. R&D and production, sales channels, service and maintenance have all formed a relatively mature operation system.
With the adjustment of the global economy, the cost of manpower and raw materials continues to rise, industry competition is intensified, and customer demand is rising, printing companies have to start to re-examine the input and output of each production link in the factory, and find relatively weak links that need to be optimized. , And post-press is one of the very important aspects. More and more printers have discovered that whether it is traditional offset printing or hot-sought digital printing, its post-press is a link with great potential for development and urgent adjustment. In the past, low production efficiency, low product stability, single processing function, and highly manual post-pressing are turning to automation, intelligence, high efficiency, and integration.
  China has a large number of low-cost labor force has always been a major incentive for not paying attention to post-press equipment. However, with the changes in market development in recent years, the transfer of labor, the shift in job selection needs of the new generation of employees, and rising labor costs, Chinese companies are beginning to face increasingly serious "labor shortages". At the same time, in response to the market's more rapid and changeable printing needs, advanced printing equipment such as digital pre-press CTP and high-speed printing presses are being used more and more widely. How to improve post-press production efficiency and improve the level of technology?
  “Machinery for labor” has become a development way that post-press companies have to consider. In addition to improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs, the post-press integrated online operation can solve the problem of single operation function of a single machine and realize the diversified processing needs of printed products.
  Various challenges have forced the helm of printing companies to make changes: either give up post-press and outsource it to specialize in pre-press and printing; or strengthen post-press links and improve the entire printing production chain. There is also an obvious tendency in equipment investment: intelligent and automated high-end post-press equipment is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the current status of my country’s post-press processing market can be simply summarized as: in the process of transformation, from manual and semi-automatic to automatic and intelligent, the degree of automation is gradually increasing, and it is gradually comparable to and matching pre-press and printing technology. Process.
  When CTP technology first emerged, it was spurned by many people, who thought it was a novelty with a high price, and it was still far away from us. With the development of the market, the proportion of short-version business is increasing. The huge profit space of CTP technology has attracted many plate companies and plate-making equipment manufacturing companies to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in technological development, making CTP technology rapidly improved And promotion, and the maturity of technology and the fierce competition have also quickly reduced the cost of use, and further promoted the use of CTP technology.
   Today’s post-press intelligent technology is somewhat similar to the CTP technology of the year. Of course, CTP technology is only a single technology, the market usage is very huge, and there are many types of post-press equipment, and the value of the equipment also has huge differences, which brings certain difficulties to the development and promotion of post-press intelligent equipment. However, the market determines the demand. As the trend of short-run printing becomes more and more obvious, the digitization and intelligence of printing technology are advancing rapidly, and it is only a matter of time for the large-scale application of post-press intelligent equipment. On the other hand, with the rapid increase in domestic labor costs, as the most labor-intensive processing link in the printing production chain, the intelligentization of post-press processing is an inevitable choice.
  Relevant people believe that the domestic printing industry has truly ushered in a period of change, the era of high profits in the printing industry is gone, and the era of low profits in printing has arrived. The continuous downturn of the domestic economy in the past two years has caused a double blow to the printing industry: on the one hand, it has caused a shrinkage in order volume and a certain change in order types; on the other hand, it has caused a shortage of funds, increased credit difficulties, and lengthened customer payment cycles. . In order to be able to keep their orders and ensure the normal progress of production, various printing companies are making surprises. How to win in this battle? Only by using advanced technology in the industry, changing production methods, and forming a new force in printing production, can we stand on top of the printing industry.



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