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Discuss the influence of the three processes of pre-press, printing and post-press on printing quality

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There are many processes in printing. To get a good print, there must be no problems in each process; on the contrary, if there is a process error, it is impossible to get high-quality prints. Printing is divided into pre-press, printing, and post-press. Then let's discuss the impact of these three processes on the quality of printing:
  One, prepress
  Manuscript quality and color level are important factors that restrict the quality of printing. In the selection, use and color matching of color manuscripts, whether they meet the requirements of plate making and printing has become the main factor affecting the overall printing quality. Especially for photos, ignoring the printing plate-making requirements directly affects the overall quality of printing. The picture is a pen to draw a dragon, with bright colors, rich layers, clear and realistic pictures, which give readers a beautiful enjoyment. It is hard to imagine that a set of manuscripts with serious color cast, lack of gradation and distortion, will print wonderful results. Poor quality manuscripts can be processed, but one thing to be clear is that picture information can only be picked up on the basis of manuscripts, and information cannot be recreated. Every adjustment will lose a lot of gradation and color information. The basic principle of this work is: faithful to the original manuscript, higher than the original manuscript and strive for uniform style.
  In the process of image processing, the following points should be mastered:
  ①Adjust the image level. ② Color correction, which is to reproduce the color reflected in the original manuscript (not the original manuscript itself).
  ③For the conversion from RGB to CMYK format, the picture format used for printing the film must be CMYK format.
  ④Sharpening, sharpening is an effective means to improve image clarity.
  II. Printing
With the advent of digital printing machines, many parts of printing have been automated and printing has taken a big step forward. However, the limitation of printing quantity makes traditional printing machines and digital printing machines complementary. Printing is a very important process. Of course, there are many technical points.
  First of all, mastering and controlling the balance of ink and water is the key to stably improving printing quality. The balance of ink and wash is the basis of printing. Only the proper control of ink and wash can make the printed newspaper graphics clear, the ink color consistent, and the overprinting can be accurate. This requires the following points in actual work:
  ①Pay attention to the proportion of fountain solution. ②According to the different paper quality, adjust the ink supply in time. ③Controlling the environment, temperature and humidity of the workshop is beneficial to improving the printing quality. ④ When purchasing auxiliary materials, try to meet the needs of ink and wash balance. ⑤ Strengthening the maintenance and inspection of printing equipment is a means to improve printing quality. ⑥ Regularly check the pressure of the transmission part.
  Three, after printing
  The post-press operation is also very critical. This step is related to the presentation of the finished product. If the product processed by the post-press is not acceptable to the customer, then all the previous efforts will fall short. Pay attention to two points:
  1. Impact on the surface of printed matter:
For example, by glazing, calendering, overprinting, blister, laminating, hot stamping, etc., the glossiness, color richness, wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties of the printed matter are increased, and The performance and quality of printed matter. Common factors that affect the coating quality are: paper performance, temperature, ink and crystallization.
  2. Impact on the appearance and overall coordination of printed matter:
The processing technology, such as the quality of binding, cutting size, shape of indentation, trimming, sticky effect, etc.; will affect the appearance and overall coordination of printed matter, and the quality of packaging will also directly affect The quality level of the printed matter.
  In fact, in this printing process, there are many factors that affect the quality of printing, which need to be grasped in practice. The above is only a focused discussion.

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