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The proportion of new technology applications is low, how can the packaging and printing industry break through the development bottleneck

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New technology application proportion is low, how to break through development bottleneck in packaging and printing industry
In the domestic printing industry, the packaging and printing industry is known as an urban industry and is one of the most growing industries in recent years. However, the reporter learned from the "Anhui Province Printing and Packaging Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference" held a few days ago that backward technology, increased labor costs, and declining prices... These problems have become bottlenecks for the healthy development of the packaging and printing industry in our province.  Low proportion of new technology applications  According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2013, there were more than 3100 printing and packaging enterprises of various sizes registered in the province. However, after careful analysis of the current situation of the packaging and printing industry in our province, most companies focus on traditional printing and packaging, and cannot form a unified industrial platform, resulting in the inability to integrate resources and the lack of corresponding industrial chain support.  Packaging and printing have functions and effects such as increasing the added value of goods, improving product quality, and enhancing consumption. However, packaging and printing enterprises in our province are relatively scattered at present. Many packaging and printing enterprises are relatively small in scale. In addition, the level of equipment in the packaging and printing industry is uneven. Although some enterprises have various high-speed, high-end, world-leading imported printing presses, But more small and medium-sized enterprises still use low-tech and low-quality printing equipment. Since many small and medium-sized enterprises do not have their own characteristics, the proportion of high-tech applications in these packaging and printing companies is still very low. With declining profits, shrinking orders, market downturns, rising raw material prices, and increasing labor costs, the current situation of rising rents, approaching leases, hard-to-find factories, and demolition of the areas where factories are located, the printing and packaging industry has become a reality. The low profit status, coupled with the impact of new media and digital printing, are restricting the survival and development of the traditional printing and packaging industry. It is understood that there are currently 5 large-scale printing and packaging enterprises in the province that are in a state of suspension. How to break through the various problems that plague the printing and packaging industry is imminent. The adjustment of industrial structure has entered the normal state    "Lack of technical talents, backward technology, increased labor costs, and declining prices... This is the current status of the packaging and printing industry in our province." Wei Guo, chairman of Anhui Jiaxin Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., a leading company in the printing industry At the conference, it was said that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market's demand for packaging printing, special material printing, and high-simulation artworks is growing rapidly, and the consumption structure and marketing methods of the printing industry are also undergoing new changes. Compared with the past, companies currently have higher requirements for the aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting of printing, which requires printing companies to improve the level of process innovation instead of just relying on "price wars" to compete for the market.  Industry experts believe that printing companies in a critical period of transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment must dialectically recognize the situation, boost confidence, and find opportunities in challenges. Currently, the printing industry is impacted by digital technology and network technology. However, there are still a lot of manual operations in some packaging and printing companies. These manual operations have resulted in low production efficiency and low competitiveness. As my country's economic development enters a new normal, the structural adjustment of the printing industry will also enter the normal. “The production concentration of the printing industry will become higher and higher. After some small and medium-sized enterprises close down, the flow of orders will be more concentrated.”   Development of regional advantageous industries    “Although the printing and packaging industry in Anhui is relatively backward in East China, it is in the six central provinces. In a leading position." Wang Deming, secretary general of the Anhui Printing Association, said that at present, the concentration of the printing industry in our province has increased significantly and four major printing and packaging industry bases have been formed. Among them, Hefei is the publication printing base, Tongcheng is the plastic printing base, Mengcheng is the book printing base, and Taihe is the pharmaceutical packaging printing base. On January 4, 2015, Alibaba's Tongcheng Industrial Belt was officially launched. An intensive product output platform integrating industry characteristics in the Tongcheng area was born in China's printing and packaging industry base. The first batch of printing and packaging industry benchmark companies officially entered Alibaba. Baba symbolizes the organic integration of Tongcheng's e-commerce industry and traditional printing and packaging industries. "The online development of the industry group marks the advent of a new era of e-commerce." Experts in the industry believe that the mode of developing e-commerce in a regional advantageous industry group can gather production equipment, raw materials, design, freight and other various types of goods in a specific area. Production-centric upstream and downstream enterprises have established a close economic and technological cooperation circle, thereby reducing production costs, improving production efficiency, and ultimately significantly enhancing the economic competitive advantage of industrial clusters. More importantly, while companies in the industry are grouped together, more massive economies and regional advantageous industries will emerge intensively, which will enhance the in-depth and diversified development of the regional industrial economy

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