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Analysis of technical characteristics of my country's packaging machinery industry

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Nowadays, the high-end form of packaging machine development is the use of automatic packaging machines. Not only does the packaging machine achieve complete automation, but also the precise packaging method minimizes the cost, improves efficiency and reduces consumption, which is a two-eyed thing.
  The development of packaging machinery in my country has not only expanded the scale of equipment, but is also accelerating towards optical, mechanical and electrical integration and automation. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, in the future, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery. Enterprises must introduce new technologies to the production Packaging equipment with high efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, strong flexibility and high technical content enters the market.
According to Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, automation technology is already very common in the packaging machinery industry, but there are few talents who understand automation technology. It can be seen that if there is research on automation technology in the future, it will be more important for its own future development and packaging. The future prospects of machinery will be immeasurable.
  Automation technology has two characteristics in packaging machinery automation design:
  Single computer controlled single manipulator: packaging machinery needs to use multiple manipulators to complete complex packaging actions. The camera captures information and monitors the working conditions of the manipulator under computer control. The manipulator completes the specified actions according to the program instructions to ensure the completion and quality of the packaging.
Able to distinguish material and thickness: human eyes cannot easily distinguish the thickness and material of packaging materials used in the packaging process. Therefore, the design of packaging machinery often uses cameras and detectors under computer control to distinguish material thickness and changes in the packaging process . The camera can check and distinguish the pictures taken by itself, and display them on the screen.
  The increase in market demand for packaging machinery and equipment has to a large extent stimulated the technological upgrading of the industry. Brand new packaging models with intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace tradition and become the mainstream in the future. This is an effective way for packaging machinery companies to achieve sustainable development and is also the ultimate goal of technological reforms.
From the report on the development prospects of China’s packaging machinery industry, it is understood that automatic packaging machines have high packaging speed, precise packaging accuracy, and low energy consumption, which not only ensure sufficient production, but also save costs for enterprises, and can also meet various needs Packaging, which improves the speed of enterprise development. Automation is also the development trend of the production industry in the future, and the trend lies. Only by better adapting and changing can we occupy favorable market opportunities and win opportunities for the future development of enterprises. Therefore, automatic packaging machines have now become a trend in the packaging industry and will become a necessity for many manufacturers.
  Industrial automation trend: The future packaging machinery will cooperate with the industrial automation trend to promote the improvement of the overall level of packaging equipment. New types of intelligent equipment such as high-intelligence numerical control systems, encoders and digital control components, and power load control have been widely used in packaging machinery and equipment, enabling equipment users to have more independence, flexibility, and accuracy during operation. Efficiency and compatibility.

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