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How does the packaging machinery industry take the green development path

Source:Time:2020-10-16 17:52:00CTR:

In recent years, my country’s infrastructure construction has continued to increase, and the corresponding resource consumption, emissions of pollutants, and noise generated by machinery and equipment have also increased the impact on the environment. According to the current situation, my country's food packaging machinery enterprises must seize the opportunity, speed up the update of technology, take the road of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and green development, and strive to seize opportunities for future development.
The development of my country’s packaging machinery must be market-oriented, based on the principles of green and environmental protection, and in accordance with the new version of GMP’s production process, and further progress towards independent innovation and automation. With the attention of enterprises, the support of national policies, the continuous training of talents, and With the continuous digestion and absorption of new foreign technologies, it is believed that my country's pharmaceutical packaging machinery will surely enter the international advanced ranks and provide better support for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
  According to the market research center of Yubo Zhiye, with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, high-end packaging continues to be cold in foreign countries, while the green and environmentally friendly simple packaging is favored by the international market. This will become the main development direction of my country's packaging machinery products.
  The wide application of packaging machinery in enterprises has improved the production efficiency of enterprise packaging. The emergence of automatic packaging machines has greatly improved the degree of automation of enterprises. In the future, green environmental protection should be the main theme of the development of packaging machinery.
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